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WVU researchers leading the way in the fight against substance use and abuse in West Virginia are listed here.

To be added, updated, or removed from this list of potential substance use and abuse collaborators please fill out the our questionnaire and we will be sure to add your information to the webpage.

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Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

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College of Education and Human Services

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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

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Health Sciences Center

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John Chambers College of Business & Economics

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Reed College of Media

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School of Medicine School of Nursing School of Pharmacy School of Public Health School of Social Work

Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

WVU Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Li, Xin

Image processing, computer vision, biometrics, multimedia

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College of Education and Human Services

WVU College of Education and Human Services Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

Learning Sciences and Human Development

Bernstein, Malayna

Attitudes towards harm reduction, Women's perceptions of opioid use in their communities

Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning

Counseling, Rehab Counseling, and Counseling Psychology

Glenn, Margaret

Complementary and alternative healthcare practices, Substance use disorders

Learning Sciences and Human Development

Moilanen, Kristin

Self-regulation, risk behaviors, and social relationships during the teen years

Counseling, Rehab Counseling & Counseling Psychology

Tack, Frankie

Working with women, the LGBT population and those with co-occurring mental health challenges as well as providing training for community addictions professionals

Learning Sciences and Human Development Troilo, Jessica How the opioid crisis has impacted public school teachers in West Virginia; Creating a teacher toolkit Perceptions of family members with varying statuses; divorced family dynamics; Father involvement

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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests
Psychology Blank, Melissa  Co-use of opioids and tobacco Nicotine/tobacco addiction
Psychology Cherkasova, Mariya Psychological and neural mechanisms underlying addiction and reward-directed behavior more generally
Forensic and Investigative Science Jackson, Glen Identification of fentanyl analogs in seized drugs Instrumental methods of analysis of seized drugs, including novel psychoactive substances and fentalogs
Communications Kang, Katie  Reducing stigma surrounding the medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction Unpacking the organizing process of stigmatized health organizations


McNeil, Cheryl

Disruptive behavior disorders of children, assessment methods for behavior problems among children, and treatment outcomes

Psychology Patrick, Julie
Aging, grand parenting, health promotion, well-being, methodology
Psychology St.Peter, Claire Supports for children who have been exposed to substance use/abuse
Psychology Vonder Haar, Cole  Behavioral factors related to substance abuse  Traumatic brain injury

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Health Sciences Center

WVU Health Sciences Center Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

Extension Service

Fitch, Cindy

Maternal and child nutrititon, food security, health equity

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John Chambers College of Business & Economics

WVU John Chambers College of Business & Economics
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

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Reed College of Media

WVU Reed College of Media Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

Strategic Communication

Colistra, Rita

Media sociology and theory from a public-interest perspective as well as community and audience engagement

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School of Medicine

WVU School of Medicine Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

Behavior Medicine & Psychiatry

Berry, James

Behavioral medicine and psychiatry, psychiatry, addiction psychiatry


Brandmeir, Nicholas

Postural instability in Parkinson disease, invasive neuro-electrophysiological monitoring, neurological basis of movement, evidence based medicine and research study design, neuro-stimulation


Bryan, Nicole

Infectious diseases

Neurosurgery Dekeseredy. Patricia

Stigma, social medial and substance abuse treatment, policy Health care disparities 

Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry

Elswick, Daniel 

Psychiatry, behavioral medicine and psychiatry, cancer-oncology

Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry

Feinberg, Judith

Epidemiology of hep B & C, HIV among PWID; clinical trials in substance use disordered; Peer Recovery Coach. 

Prevention and treatment of injection drug use associated infections

MAT initiation in Emergency Departments, stigma, hep C cure in active IDU, hep C in pregnancy


Finomore, Victor

Human performance, physiological measurement and assessment, cognitive neuroscience

Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute

Galster, Scott

Neuroscience, biomedical engineering, human performance

Emergency Medicine

Goode, Christopher

Emergency medicine

Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry

Goodykoontz, Toni

Behavioral medicine and psychiatry, child and adolescent behavioral medicine and psychiatry, psychiatry

Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Guilfoose, John

Infectious diseases

Family Medicine
Haggerty, Treah
Family medicine, pediatrics

Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry

Haut, Marc

Human memory, episodic and working memory

Vice President for Health Sciences

Hodder, Sally

Infectious diseases, clinical trials

Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry

Lander, Laura

Behavioral medicine 

Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry

Law, Kari

Behavioral medicine and psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Lemon, Kelly

Centering COAT: A Collaborative, Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Peripartum Care for Women with Substance

Substance Use in Pregnancy

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Leonard, Cassie

General obstetrics and gynecology

Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry

Mahoney, James

Neuropsychological sequelae related to opioid use disorder, neurocircuitry of substance us disorders

Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry

Marshalek, Patrick

Behavioral medicine and psychiatry


Pyles, Lee

Pediatric cardiology, pediatrics

Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute

Rezai, Ali

Neural circuitry, neurological sensors and monitors, and the development of surgical tools and new therapeutic strategies for neurological disorders

Microbiology, Immunology, and Cell Biology Robinson, Cory cory.robinson1@hsc,wvu,edu The impact of opioid exposure and neonatal abstinence syndrome on neonatal immunity and infection The impact of IL-27 on earlylife immunity and vaccination 


Rosen, David

Pediatric cardiac anesthesia, pediatric critical care, anesthesiology

WVU Cancer Institute

Salkeni, Mohamad Adham

Breast cancer and phase 1 trials of novel agents in solid tumors

Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute
Sedney, Cara L. Assessing effect of SB273 on opioid prescribing
Spine Surgery


Setola, Vincent

Drug abuse, G protein signaling, human genetics, monoamine transporters, signal transduction, single nucleotide polymorphisms

Family Medicine

Shrader, Carl

Family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics

Physiology and Pharmacology

Siderovski, David

Regulators of G protein Signaling in health and disease

Occupational Therapy Whitney, Rondalyn Create curriculum for health professionals to identify/treat SUD using an occupation-based approach Adverse childhood experiences, maternal stress, mother-child co-regulation, narrative medicine

Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry

Winstanley, Erin

Reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with the opioid epidemic and the use of technology to improve access and quality of behavioral health services

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Womeldorff, Penny

WV healthy start/HAPI

Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry

Workman, Elizabeth

Telepsychiatry services

Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry

Zheng, Wanhong

General psychiatry

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School of Nursing

WVU School of Nursing Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

Family/Community Health Department

Buck, Katharine

Community based systems of care, Palliative care, Rural health disparities

Adult Health Department

Carpenter, Roger

Managing diabetes

Mothering wile in a SUD recovery program.
Add ons for the N100, N211, and N212; Online modules for opioids education.

Adult Health Department

Cotton, Sandra

Internal medicine 

School of Nursing Deans Office

Dichiacchio, Toni 

Health policy APRN scope of practice chronic disease management substance use disorder quality improvement leadership

Health Promotion & Wellness  

Hulsey, Tara

High risk perinatal outcomes such as preterm birth, low birth weight, and maternal pregnancy behaviors

Charleston Campus

Ritchie, Teresa

Adolescent obesity enhancing student learning in an online class

Family/Community Health Department

Walter, Suzy

Pediatric neurology, pediatrics

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School of Pharmacy

WVU School of Pharmacy Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

Clinical Pharmacy

Abate, Marie

Maintain our forensics drug database; contains comprehensive data from all WV drug deaths

Database analyses, including drug combinations in deaths
Clinical Pharmacy Garofoli, Mark  Pain management, drug diversion/overdose, OTC pain medications, and substances of abuse

Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences

Lockman, Paul

Chemotherapy distribution into brain tumors and metastases, Nanoparticle drug delivery to brain, Effects of nicotine and or smoking on drug distribution

School of Pharmacy

Scott, Ginger 

Outcomes research related to pharmacy services, assessment of post-graduate educational programming, issues related to hospital pharmacy, and economic evaluation of pharmacy services and pharmacotherapy

Rational Drug Therapy Program

Small, Stephen

Drug utilization review, medication error prevention, pharmacy benefit management, pharmaceutical care implementation, and medical information transfer between health care providers

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School of Public Health

WVU School of Public Health Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

Health Policy, Management, and Leadership

Allen, Lindsay

Health care access, Co-PI for West Virginia’s Medicaid 1115 Substance Use Disorder Waiver Evaluation

Health Services Research

Baus, Adam

Application of health information technology in primary care settings, Quality care improvement, health informatics

Health Policy, Management, and Leadership

Bias, Thomas

Public policy on health, Impact of health insurance policy on coverage and access to care, Understanding the impact of state and local economics and built environment policy on public health, and conducting community health needs assessments

Injury Control Center

Bossarte, Robert

Development of large data systems in support of research and surveillance, identification of predictors of suicide risk, injury epidemiology and the intersections between community and individual-level factors.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Coben, Jeffrey

Emergency medicine, Internal medicine

Epidemiology Dai, Zheng

poly-substance involved overdose and comorbidities; WV drug-related deaths analysis WV medicated claim data analysis

Health Policy, Management, and Leadership

Davis, Stephen

Syringe access, medication assisted treatment, and peer recovery support services in rural areas           

Delivery of evidence-based programs via telehealth and policy barriers to implementation


Gurka, Kelly

Opioid overdose, research 

Epidemiology Hendricks, Brian
Use of spatial statistics to describe the spatial context of addiction and access to treatment services Infectious diseases, maternal and child health, Telehealth, technology based interventions


Hulsey, Thomas

Maternal and child health with a focus on pregnancy and newborns


Huzurbazar, Snehalata

Geosciences to bioinformatics, developing statistical methodology

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jarrett, Traci

Evaluation, community development and social action, community-engaged research, social capital development and access among young adults, health and social disparities in rural populations, systems and organizational development, social networking, and improvement science as it relates to health access and outcomes in primary care clinical settings

Health Research Center

Linn, Herbert

Collaboration and communication

Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences

Martin, Christopher

Occupational medicine

Health Policy, Leadership, and Management  Moran, Garrett

Injury Control Center

Pollini, Robin

Mitigating the adverse health impacts of injection drug use, overdose, HIV, viral hepatitis, serious injection-related bacterial infections like endocarditis


Rudisill, Toni

Impact of statewide naloxone distributions, feasibility of connecting OUD patients to care in ED Relationship between drug use and motor vehicle collisions; injury epidemiology; injury policy


Smith, Gordon

Injury epidemiology research, occupational injury research

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School of Social Work

WVU School of Social Work Researchers
Department PI Name Email Substance Abuse Research Topics Other Research Interests

School of Social Work

Gamble, Jenifer

Nonprofit leadership development, transitions, and administrative capacity building, Accelerating non-profit impact through social enterprise models, and Innovations in global education and gender equality

 School of Social Work LeCloux, Mary

Adolescent and young adult suicide prevention Health service disparities. Evidence-based social work practice

School of Social Work

Morrow, Deana

Behavioral health workforce development, including SUDS and other behavioral health needs.

Older adults: social isolation, dementia, congregate care, wellness. Licensure. Social work education.

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